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How Do I Convert Paper Documents In To The?

Doc =a b C D e f g h i j k l m n O p q r s t u v w X y z..ok so lets solve 1st=D to O =10 alphabetical no. 2nd=O to C=11 alphabetical no. Then, (10 +11)alphabetical no.=21 Therefore C start to count the 21 number in alphabetical order and 21 is finished to X and solve this question .DOC and DOCX

Convert PDF to PPT: All You Need to Know

DOC will contain this question in x format like this .DOCX(20+6)=34 .DOCX(34=22+1)=23 .DOCX(33=9+3)=15 .DOCX(23=3+0)=11 .DOCX(20=4+2)=6 .DOCX(19=0)=20 .DOCX(18=11)=24 .DOCX(17=11)=24 .DOCX(16=11)=24 .DOCX(15=6)=11 .DOCX(14=6)=6 .DOCX(13=6)=6 .DOCX(12=6)=6 .DOCX(11=6)=6 .DOCX(10=6)=25 .DOCX(9=6)=25 .DOCX(8=6)=25 .DOCX(7=6)=25 .DOCX(6=6)=25 .DOCX(5=6)=25 .DOCX(4=6)=25 .DOCX(3=6)=25 .DOCX(2=6)=25 .DOCX(1=6)=25. Solved: 7, DOCX(22+3)=21, DOCX(12+3)=24, DOCX(11+3)=24, DOCX(10+3)=24, DOCX(9+3)=24, DOCX(8+3)=24, DOCX(7+3)=24, DOCX(6+3)=24, DOCX(5+3)=24, DOCX(4+3)=24, DOCX(3+3)=24, DOCX(2+3)=24, DOCX(1+3)=24 Solution to 2nd'd and the same as 1st'd: to C=11 alphabetical no. 2nd’C to E=12 alphabetical no. Then, (11 +12)alphabetical no.=34 Therefore C start to count the 34 number in alphabetical order and 34 is still to X and solve this question. (11 and (34 to X = 2/ 13)= 2/13 is equal to 6 therefore X to C=11 alphabetical no. is 6 and C=11 is still counted.

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