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The PPT file extension is connected with Microsoft PowerPoint, the world's most popular and powerful tool for creating and editing dynamic, beautifully designed PowerPoint presentations.
Technical details
PPT files for Microsoft PowerPoint are native file formats, also known as a binary file exchange format (BIFF). The files can include formatted text, numbering, images, video, sound effects, and music.
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PDF is a widely spread format for document sharing or publishing where others can open it. It allows you to include graphical elements, as well as tables, and plain text in it. One of the main features of the format is that it can be opened from any device.
Technical details
PDF document is a 7-bit ASCII one, without those elements that can have binary content. The structure of the format consists of the following objects that may be either direct or indirect: boolean, names, strings, arrays, numbers, streams, dictionaries, and null.
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How To Guide

How to convert PDF to PPT:

Upload your PDF file to open it with the online editor.
Edit your document before you convert it to a PowerPoint Presentation.
Add data to the form by clicking anywhere and typing.
Add and adjust images and graphic elements.
Use the Search tool to find, redact, or remove text.
Add comments, fillable fields, the date, and a signature.
Click DONE to finish editing your document.
Select .pptx format and a destination.
Complete by clicking Save As.

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Make your decision confidently by considering a few of the most popular PDF editors and converters on the web. We’ve created a simple visual table to compare their most important features.
PDF To PPT Converter
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Split PDF
Merge PDF
File Conversion
PDF to Word
PDF to Excel
Word to PDF
Excel to PDF
Web to PDF
Mac PDF Conversion
Pages to Doc
Doc to Pages
Numbers to XLS
XLS to Numbers
File Protection & Signing
eSign PDF
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Password PDF
Unlock PDF
Share PDF
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What Our Customers Say

What I like the most is the quality of the conversion. I've never used a converter that kept the layout so well. I can easily make professional presentations from PDFs.
Extremely useful online converter if you're working with PDF files and PowerPoint presentations. It's also impressive that I can use it on both my desktop and mobile devices.
Interior Designer
This PDF to PPT converter does exactly what it says it can. If you're looking for an efficient and easy-to-use service this is the right choice.

How to convert PDF to PPT in a snap

Convert PDF to PPT online in three clicks without registration. Use our platform to change file formats from the comfort of any place at any time.

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to convert PDF to PPT using your browser

Converting PDF to PPT in your browser can be pretty smooth and effortless if you are using our web-based platform. Without a preliminary registration, users can change document format on any device: mobile, tablet, desktop. Moreover, as our converter is compatible with other platforms, including cloud storage, users can import original files from and export presentations to the cloud. Such an opportunity extends user capabilities to transform documents even on the go.
Guidelines to use converter in your browser:
On the main page click on one of four sources to upload a file from: desktop, Box, OneBox, OneDrive.
Next, click on the orange button to browse the document.
It will open in the online editor. Edit the document if needed, then click Done.
Choose the PPT format, register the account and download the new document.
Use our robust and multi-featured PDF to PPT converter not only to change file formats, but also to edit the document. The online editor allows multiple manipulations: edit, esign, highlight, blackout, add notes, insert pictures, etc. Our platform keeps formatting and layout close to the original file. However, if users still need to add changes, they can do it with the help of the editor. Try it out to experience numerous benefits it brings to users.

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How to convert PDF to PPT on MS Windows

Unfortunately, Windows users will face problems to change file format from PDF to PPT. Windows hasn't been designed to support either of the two formats. In this case, the only way out is to employ software programs, such as Adobe Reader. The market is rich in various programs both free and payable, however, all of them limit you to only one device. Which means you can't use it any moment on the go. Whereas our solution extends user capabilities.
Converting PDF to PPT via our converter:
Go to pdf-to-ppt-converter.com.
Choose to upload a file from the desktop or from the cloud.
Press the orange button and find your document.
Open it in the online editor and introduce changes if required.
Next, choose to save it as a PPT and register an account.
With our platform, you can transform files fast and free (during trial period) given your device is connected to the Internet. It retains quality at its highest level and keeps it close to the original file. In addition, its user-friendly interface turns conversion into a very consistent and smooth process. The service is available 24/7 from any place. Since it's compatible with major platforms, you can use it on any device on the go.

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How to convert PDF to PPT on a Mac

Mac has a built-in program Preview that allows viewing documents of any format. It also allows saving documents in other formats. However, it can't be used to transform from PDF to PPT. If you want to avoid using third-party solutions, the only option, in this case, is to make screenshots of the original file and paste them as images into your presentation. However, there is a much faster solution. You can use our online converter and get a presentation in three clicks.
Change formats on a Mac in the following way:
Drag and drop the document.
Click the Convert Now button.
Open the converted file in the online editor if needed.
Save the document.
Refresh the page.
Converting PDF to PPT online is the fastest and the most convenient way to change document format. You can use any device, given it is connected to the internet. If you prefer converting offline, it's better to use software programs. There are a variety of them on the market: stand-alone and multi-featured. They mostly have fixed prices, but you can sign for a free trial to test them. This will work out if you need to convert only once.

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How to convert PDF to PPT in Acrobat Reader

If you have Adobe Reader already installed on your computer, there is no need to employ third-party solutions, such as other software programs and online tools. Adobe has enough features to enable users to transform Portable Document Format files. It's now available both on mobile and desktop. If you don't have Adobe Reader, sign up for a free trial and get access to its functionality. The procedure of changing document format is pretty simple to follow.
Converting PDF to PPT via Adobe goes as follows:
Open the PDF in Acrobat Reader.
Click File -> Export to.
Choose the presentation format.
Name the file.
Save the file.
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results and need another tool for converting try our online solution. It enables fast and free conversion without a need for preliminary registration. It doesn't limit the number of conversions a day and allows processing large files. In addition, the toll is equipped with an online editor that will help polish the presentations before saving. Users can employ it from any device as it's compatible with all major platforms.

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Can I convert PDF to PPT?
Yes, you can easily change PDF to PPT if you use our service. All the pages will be transformed into separate slides and saved in a needed format.
How to change PDFs to PPT?
1. Create an account on our platform. 2. Import documents. 3. Make sure your file looks good. 4. Export it in a new format in a couple of clicks.
How to convert PDF to a PPT file?
Upload a portable document format file to our service, double-check its content, and select how you want to receive a new document. PDF will be successfully changed to a PPT file without losing quality.
How to convert PDF to PPTX?
There are several ways how you can change a portable document format file to PPTX, but we recommend you to use online services. They don't require installations, so you will always have the opportunity to modify documents in your web-browser just having an internet connection.
How to convert PDFs to PPT without any software?
If you don't want to install any software on your computer or mobile device, the best choice for you is to use online services. Platforms like ours have absolutely similar capabilities but don't spend your device's internal memory.
How to convert PDF to PPT without changes?
There are plenty of platforms that help you to change formats, but it's still a good question. Our service can help you to convert files without changes in the appearance of your documents.
How to convert PDF to PPT without changing fonts?
You need to use a high-quality service that identifies font types and saves them during the conversion process. Try ours. All the texts, fonts, and other objects will be successfully transferred in a new document.
How to use PDF to PPT converter?
To use our converter, you need to sign up. The registration process is entirely straightforward; you don't need to fill out dozens of fields to start transforming files. After that, you will be able to upload documents to the service and convert them.
How to convert PDF to PPT on Mac?
You can change the format of your portable document format on Mac with our online service or choose a complicated way. You will need to open a document in Preview and then drag and drop pages from the thumbnails toolbar of Preview into the Keynote toolbar. You will also need to change the size of each picture.
How to convert PDF to PowerPoint?
Register on our website and discover a completely new way of managing PDFs. Import documents from the cloud or upload them from your device, edit them online, and change their formats in a few clicks!
How to convert PDF to PPT presentation?
The fastest possible way of converting a portable document format file to PPT presentation is using an online service like ours. Here you can change the format in a minute without downloading any additional software.
How to use PDF to PowerPoint converter?
First, you need to complete the registration. After that, all the opportunities for high-quality converting of your files will be available.
What is the best PDF to PowerPoint converter?
Each service says that they are the best, but we have distinct advantages. Our service is fast - you can convert files in less than a minute. It is user-friendly - no tutorials required. Our platform is secure - we use the best encryption methods to make sure nobody can steal your data.