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How Do I Convert A PDF To Ppt Format?

For slide-formatted pdf to ppt, I use a number of tools with varying results. Because the results are dependent on content -- as well as the initial setup of the ppt environment (backgrounds, etc.) -- I suggest you experiments with some of the free tools before moving on to the more costly solutions. For other than extracted slides ... I have not found an acceptable tool to automate the conversion of pdf files into PowerPoint. But I do use Pdf To Ppt Converter Professional to export graphics to individual files and to recognize text using OCR. Then I cut-and-paste the wanted copies into my PPT format. I do my footnotes as the last slide -- then I can use hand-outs, projected talk slides, or make the entire package available on the web.

Convert PDF to PPT: All You Need to Know

I try to add at least one slide per presentation, not necessarily all three. But if you need all or most of them, it is worth doing several rounds of edits to get it right. On the other hand, if you do not have any particular use requirements but simply want a format that you can just copy-paste to get a presentation, I don't see a significant advantage to using a tool other than the one for PDF to PPT conversion. In some cases, especially when dealing with more complex slides, it is better to do your own processing than to use a tool to automatically parse the file and then apply the same rules on all the slides so that the PPT presentation will be just one file. I use PowerPoint 2010 and then, using Word 2009 for the content templates. In most cases, I use Word 2007.

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