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How Can I Convert Video Presentations In Mp4 Format Back To Ppt So?

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How Can I Convert Video Presentations In Mp4 Format Back To Ppt So?

The most foolproof way to do this on a mac is the following. Note. This will also provide the lowest filesize pdf possible. On Powerpoint, select File > Export… Select File Format > JPEG (at the bottom of the pop-up window) Locate the JPEG export in Finder (it should be in a folder) Set the size > Width. 1920 Height. 1080 (or a size of your choice, but this is a safe standard) Open the folder and select all (cmd + a) Right click, Open With > Preview Preview will load with the thumbnails of your deck in order on the left Select all of the thumbnails by clicking on one then cmd + a Select File > Print… Select Paper Size > Manage Custom Sizes… Select the + button below the empty list on the left of the pop-up window (this should be to the left of a - button and a duplicate button) Type in the Paper Size. 1920mm (width) 1080mm (height) then press OK Select the bottom left most dropdown (default input should be PDF) and select save as PDF Define your PDF title etc. Press save. Double check your PDF for correct formatting and ordering.

Convert PDF to PPT: All You Need to Know

Next open Adobe Acrobat Pro. Choose File > Export... Select Export As to JPEG (file size will be very small, which will save you paper) then save as JPEG This will save out a JPG of your deck at a size of 1024 ) 768. Finally, save it. Using this method has also worked out great for a deck of cards. See #13 and #14. 10. Using a PDF on a Windows PC. For some reason when using a PDF on a Windows PC the file saves at a size of 1336 ) 944, which is far too large for the screen on my 1920 ) 1080, 2560 ) 1440 monitor. Here is how to fix that. 1. Create a copy of the PDF you wish to distribute. 2. Open it in a different application such as Paint and copy the width & height to the file. 3. Open the copied PDF in Adobe Acrobat.

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