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Have You Ever Had A Problem Converting Word To PDF?

For slide-formatted pdf to ppt, I use a number of tools with varying results. Because the results are dependent on content -- as well as the initial setup of the ppt environment (backgrounds, etc.) -- I suggest you experiments with some of the free tools before moving on to the more costly solutions. For other than extracted slides ... I have not found an acceptable tool to automate the conversion of pdf files into PowerPoint. But I do use Pdf To Ppt Converter Professional to export graphics to individual files and to recognize text using OCR. Then I cut-and-paste the wanted copies into my PPT format. I do my footnotes as the last slide -- then I can use hand-outs, projected talk slides, or make the entire package available on the web.

Convert PDF to PPT: All You Need to Know

How I did it (as told me by a friend who has done it) Step 1: Start with the actual slide! Find the exact slide in the PDF or the source file you want in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or 2008. Step 2: Read all of it! That will give you an idea of what's going on in the slide. This should not be too difficult, as many of the topics can be described in a few sentences using only the text. Step 3: Decide what the slide is going to show. The first thing to do is to get a good layout. Then decide what kind of images you are going to show! In most cases, these will be high-res graphics files. I've taken a few specific steps to support downloading all the necessary files for each specific slide. I also provide a download link on the front page of my website so that readers.

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